Bolex Peak Performance
17" x 11 1/2", double page ad. New York: American Bolex Company (December 1945).

An American Bolex advertisement that compares the Bolex camera with a mountain sheep... The beginning text reads:

"The sure-footedness with which mountain sheep will dash up and down seemingly impossible slopes is amazing, and their performance is admired by all. If you would ask any one of the tens of thousands of Bolex owners why they are so devoted to their cameras, the answer undoubtedly would be -- performance. This attribute of Bolex stems from the superb mechanism, the fruit of more than 130 years of precision manufacturing experience, and the painstaking care with which Bolex cameras are made. There is nothing haphazard about Bolex construction... every detail bespeaks precision art at its best. In outer appearance, too, Bolex wins the unbounded praise of owners and envy of onlookers. One day you're going to own a Bolex... why not make inquiries today."

Animal analogies aside, the ad also lists prices for the H-16, H-8, L-8 and the Kern Switar 25mm f/1.4 lens.