Bolex L8 brochure
5 7/8" x 5 7/8": 24 pages. Switzerland: Paillard S.A. (1947).

Keep Your Precious Memories Alive...

With the passage of time even the most cherished memories fade. The joys of red-letter events of a few years ago are gone beyond recall -- but not for the possessor of a PAILLARD L8 CINE CAMERA, who has them safely recorded and can relive them whenever he likes.

Most of the 24 pages of this little booklet for the Bolex L8 discuss what to use the camera for, rather than describe the technical specifications. As the L8 was designed for the home movie maker, the booklet gives several ideas for travel and vacation films and offers a few tips on shot selection.

Only the single speed, early model L8 is pictured inside this booklet, but the speed dial of the later model is briefly described.