Bolex Multimatic
3 1/8" x 6": double-sided, four panel fold-out (8 panels). Switzerland: Paillard S.A. (1969).

This is a color brochure with some brief information on the Bolex Multimatic Super 8 cartridge projector. On the back, the lamp as described incorrectly as a 21V 150 W bulb -- The "21V" mistake, however, is blacked out with ink. (The multimatic used a 120V lamp.)

Bolex Super 8 Party
"the cocktail film show... a modern way to entertain!"

Pleasure without problems. Projection the way you've always wished it could be! Suit your program and projection time to the mood of the moment and the tastes of your guests... the cocktail film show... the coffee film show... a modern way to entertain!