16mm Beveled Splicer 16mm Beveled Splicer
A new Bolex cement splicer was introduced in 1965. It allowed each end of the film to be scraped to a bevelled edge and cemented together to create a flat splice. Cutting and scraping blades were built into the device; single-side sprocket guides accepted both double and single perf 16mm film.

8mm Beveled Splicer 8mm Beveled Splicer
The bevelled splicer was also available in a version that accepted both standard 8mm and Super 8 film. It is similar to the 16mm model, except for a plaque that features the company logo and indicates the film guage accepted; colored black for 16mm, red for 8mm. Both models came in a blue and white Bolex box, complete with instruction manual and a wooden brush.