Bolex Reporter Grip Reporter Grip
This grip was available in 1962 and designed for H model Bolex cameras. It featured a quick set attachment to the base of the camera, finger tip release lever and angled grip. It was constructed of thick black plastic.

Bolex Monopod Bolex Monopod Bolex Monopod
A sturdy, lightweight (11oz) monopod introduced in 1961. It was originally designed to be used with the smaller B, C and D models, but continued to be advertised throughout the 1960s as it was easily compatible with the later 8mm and super 8 Bolex cameras.

Telescopic style extension; 23" long when retracted and 61" fully extended. A detachable wrist strap was included. It was also available with a ball-joint head.

Declic H Declic H Handle
The Declic H grip was designed for all flat base H model cameras. It was mounted to the camera by a quick release disc. The trigger was coupled to the side release button on the camera; it was adjustable for either continuous or normal operation. The grip features a tripod socket and adjustable leather strap.

Electric Grip Electric Grip
The Electric pistol grip was designed for flat based H cameras with the Perfectone and MST motors attached. In the 1970s, a later version was produced to operate the EM and ESM motor, as well as the H-16 EL camera.

Bolex Panhead Ball Joint Panhead/Ball Joint
The camera base of the Bolex Panhead was modified in 1964 to include a quick release method of attaching the camera. This was identical to the quick release disc found on the Declic H grip, and allowed the camera, with disc attached, to be switched quickly from grip to tripod, and vice versa. In 1965, a ball joint accessory was designed which could be inserted between the legs and head. This allowed the camera to be levelled from the head, rather than by adjusting the legs.