16mm Camera


  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 8 1/2in x 6in x 3 1/8in
  • WEIGHT: Approximately 5 lbs
  • OUTER CASE: Polished aluminum alloy, covered with black crinkle paint.
  • FILM CAPACITY: 100ft (30m) and 50ft (15m) daylight loading spools of 16mm film.
  • THREADING: Manual threading
  • MOTOR: Constant speed, key wound spring motor. Winding key could be removed or simply folded back against its side when not in use.
  • LENS: 25mm lens. (see below for types)
  • VIEWFINDER: Built-in optical preview finder with eyesight correction
  • PRECISE SPEED: Exposures are made at 16 frames per second.
  • RELEASE BUTTON: Finger tip release allows for continuous exposures.
  • Bolex LogoSHUTTER: Speed of each exposure is 1/40th second.
  • FOOTAGE COUNTER: built-in counter, indicates the amount of film run through the camera; provides an audible tick during film progression.
  • MANUAL CRANKING: Two sockets provide the ability for hand cranking and backwinding at different rates; one turn progessing 8 frames or two turns progressing 1 frame.

Notes and Comments

The second variation of Bogopolsky's Auto Cine camera featured an enlarged housing to accept spools of 100 ft length. The basic design was later incorporated into the Paillard Bolex H model camera.

The Auto Cine B was supplied in three variants; the only distinguishing feature being the lens with which it was fitted. [1]

  1. Hermagis Anastigmat f3.5 25mm fixed focus
  2. Kern Anastigmat f2.5 25mm focus mount
  3. Meyer Kino Plasmat f1.5 25mm focus mount

1 Andrew Alden, A Bolex History (A2 Time Based Graphics, 1998), 7.