Paillard brochure
3 1/8" x 5 7/8": folds out to 15 6/8" x 11". New York: Paillard Products, Inc. (1948).

This is an early brochure from Paillard Products Incorporated of New York. They replaced the American Bolex Company in 1948 as the sole distributor of Paillard products in the United States. However, the layout, text and design appears identical to American Bolex brochures and catalogs.

Only Paillard cameras and accessories are listed in this brochure. Prices and details are included for the H-8 and H-16 cameras ($282.50 without lenses), G-816 projector ($331), the later model Bolex L-8 (with Yvar 12.5mm f/2.8 focus mount lens at $119.50), H-1 and L-1 carrying cases and Kern lenses.